Board Survey

Hello EC members. Marian Bender, a non-profit director, board member, and professional facilitator (see profile here) will join our Executive Committee meeting to lead us in a preliminary strategic planning session. You may know Marian from her recent work organizing EcoLandscape California, as their executive director. 

Marian will help the EC identify some over-arching goals for 2018, so that we can orient our budget, planning, and volunteer resources in a way that promotes our ongoing health and success as an organization, and as key volunteers. If the EC agrees that a continued process is called for, we may also recommend a similar session to the full board of directors in 2018.

To kick-start this session, Marian has asked us to individually spend some time defining the current environment that APLD faces in California, including external and internal issues, trends, and challenges. The idea is for you to spend 15 minutes or so on this task, and if you don’t want to answer a question, feel free to skip to the next one.

Please respond by October 20, 2017. Your individual responses will be kept confidential, and will be seen by Marian only, to inform themes that we will address in our morning session with Marian, at the next Executive Committee meeting. Marian will verbally summarize some of the themes addressed, and will use it to inform her direction of the session. This is intended to draw out your initial thinking, and you do not need to solve any problems or have any comprehensive answer. There are no wrong answers.

It is possible to save your survey answers, and come back to it as many times as needed to complete your thoughts. The questions should be considered guidelines only. Say what you think needs to be said, to support ongoing growth of the organization, and a successful transition to the 2018 board.

EC/Board Survey

  • What are the top EXTERNAL issues or trends impacting APLD CA?

  • What are the top internal issues or trends impacting APLD CA?