APLD Membership Frequently Asked Questions

APLD Membership is founded on the APLD Standards of Practice. The APLD Policy Manual can be found here.

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I’m a member. How does APLD protect my privacy?

The APLD and APLD CA web sites publish basic business contact information for each member, specifically your name, company name, city, business phone, email address and web site. You may opt out of receiving the APLDCA Chapter Newsletter, sent out monthly via email, by clicking the Opt Out link at the bottom of any newsletter or event announcement. WARNING: The opt out will remove you from all chapter and district listings.

I'm a member, and my (email address, phone number, etc.) has changed.

Changes such as a new email address, new phone number, etc., are updated by logging in to your account on the main APLD web site at apld.org. Once your changes have been made in APLD’s central database, they will be reported to the Chapter Administrator. If you experience any difficulties updating your account at APLD.ORG,  please directly contact the APLD Membership Director at membership@apld.org. If you have questions about your California Chapter membership, please contact the Chapter Membership Chair at membership@apldca.org.

I’m thinking of joining; when should I pay my dues?

Dues for new APLD and APLD California Chapter memberships can be paid at any time.  However, membership benefits are based on two renewal deadlines per calendar year—the main renewal period ending December 31, the midyear renewal ending June 30. While the chapter typically extends a grace period to give members time to renew after their membership has expired, your listings on “Find a Designer” may be removed at any time after your membership has expired.

Once your membership has been expired for two months, you may miss out on members-only announcements and other local opportunities. We don’t want you to miss a thing, and encourage you to stay current with your membership.

I just paid my dues. When will I get a confirmation?

As soon as you have paid your dues, you are welcome to attend any District meeting or event throughout the state, including members-only meetings. A current Events Calendar is available on this web site.

When the chapter is notified of your new membership, we will begin sending chapter and district event announcements, member updates, and APLD publications at the email address you specified in your member application.

If you are concerned that your preferred email address is not receiving announcements, please contact the chapter data administrator at admin@apldca.org. Sometimes members accidentally opt out, or other technical glitches get in the way of our mailings. If you think this is the case, we will try to help you troubleshoot the issue, or set you up with an alternate email address for chapter and district mailings only.

How are my dues allocated?

APLD members who reside in California are required to also join the California Chapter. The chapter and districts receive a portion of the California Chapter dues, but the foundational financial support for our local activities comes from APLD California Chapter Sponsors. Please do business with our sponsors, and please let them know you are a member. These crucial relationships keep our organization and programs going, and without the support of our sponsors, the APLD California Chapter could not continue to thrive and grow. 

Get the most of your membership by exploring all of the resources available to you in the password-protected Member Area at APLD.ORG. This trove of information and documentation offers every member a leg up in promoting their business, their district, and their chapter. Did you find something useful in the APLD.ORG Member Area? Let a friend or colleague know, and encourage them to log in and explore!

How are my dues used to support local APLD programs and meetings?

Your chapter dues support local programming, as determined by your local APLD district leadership. Each APLD district chooses what types of programs to offer, how often, and where programs are held. The APLD districts’ main mission is to provide opportunities for local members to meet for networking, continuing education, and ongoing professional development.

If you would like to enhance local programming in your area, consider joining your district’s programs committee. Go to the contacts section of this website to reach out to your district leadership, or better yet, attend a local meeting and introduce yourself to your fellow members. There is always a project or program that would benefit from your involvement. 

What programs are available in my District?

Most APLD districts offer regular meetings for their members. Some additional programs may include mentoring; informal design salons where members gather to review their designs and exchange ideas; garden tours featuring member-designed gardens; member surveys;  and workshops featuring internationally renowned landscape designers.

The APLD California Chapter hosts large symposia in partnership with local districts. If you have a program idea, please contact your local district leadership, and most importantly—get involved. These programs cannot happen without you.

All chapter members are also welcome to join the APLD California Chapter Yahoo Group. Click here to register and join the Northern California Yahoo Group, and here to join the Southern California Yahoo Group. After your membership has been confirmed by the Yahoo Group administrator, you will be able to participate in the ongoing exchange of professional tips and experience by Chapter members.

How does my District publicize events?

Each district sends regular event announcements and messages to members. In addition, district events are posted to the Events Calendar available from this website.

Anyone may submit information to this Calendar. Calendar submissions of value to professional landscape designers are approved and posted to the Events Calendar.

Click here to submit an event listing.

If you experience difficulties submitting an event, please contact the Events Administrator.

How can I submit articles and announcements to chapter publications?

The APLD California Chapter Newsletter/Magazine publishes four times per year. Items are submitted by email. Please submit your items via email to the Newsletter Editor at newsletter@apldca.org.

To promote your event or program via special mailings from the chapter or district, the first step is to add your event to our calendar.  

I’m not getting my newsletter. Why not?

The quarterly news magazine is emailed to each current chapter member, along with green industry colleagues throughout the state. In addition, each of our districts sends regular invitations and reminders for upcoming events. 

Is your mailbox too quiet? If you are a member of the chapter, and you’re not receiving our mailings, we can help. Step one is to add “newsletter@apldca.org” to your address book, safe list, or white list. If you are a new member, or believe you are not on the mailing list, please email our mail server admin to let them know you’re not getting your newsletter or other mailings, and we’ll help you troubleshoot the issue.

SPECIAL NOTE: Members using AOL experience regular problems with our mailing list service. We can add an alternate email address in cases when your server won’t work with our server. 

I'd like to host a local event. What should I do?

Each APLD district board schedules regular regional meetings of members. The district board is comprised entirely of volunteers, with support from the chapter—also a volunteer board. The number and diversity of programs in each district are directly correlated with the volunteer time and energy available for developing such educational opportunities. Lend your support to assure continued growth and program excellence.

How are the local programs chosen?

Each APLD district is required to host a minimum of four general membership meetings per year. Some of the larger districts have a program committee that works together to produce an event each month (or more!).

Each district maintains a treasury to support financial obligations associated with event and meeting production, such as meeting room expenses, speaker fees, copying costs, etc. Each year the district board works together to create a program calendar, promotional plan, and budget for the coming year, based on dues, sponsorship income, and available volunteer resources.

Other special programs have included mentoring programs, special workshops (sometimes in conjunction with other Districts), garden tours, field trips, member surveys, holiday parties, summer picnics, as well as designer forums and salons. Some districts have also successfully coordinated with allied professional organizations like CLCA, ASID, and CANGC to produce joint events.

If your district is looking for program ideas or ways to promote membership, assistance and advice is available from the chapter board and other APLD districts. Go to the Contact Section of this website to reach out to your colleagues on the chapter and district boards.

How can I help start a district in my area?

The California Chapter has four districts: Bay Area, Greater Los Angeles, Sacramento, and San Diego. Members who wish to host programs in any region of the state may coordinate with their closest local APLD district board to convene under the APLD banner.

If you want to host an APLD program, please contact your current district president for more information about how to bring APLD to more regions within your district. Visit our Contact Page on this website for more information about the district closest to you, and to contact your district board.

Additional districts are considered only after a coordinated local effort has regularly delivered local programs in an underserved region. The California chapter board reviews new district requests once per calendar year, usually in September. If a region has established a regular event schedule in the prior calendar year, attended regularly by a minimum of ten (10) members, the chapter board will consider establishment of a new district.

But in the meantime, have fun, make friends, and try to attract more members to join in your region. Regardless of whether you decide to establish a new district, we are prepared to help you reach out to attract people to APLD in your region.

How do the chapter and districts work together?

The California chapter board is comprised of members who work together with APLD districts to deliver interesting and valuable programs to members throughout the state. In addition, the APLD California Chapter:

  • Acts as the clearinghouse for information and finances for the Districts by collecting and distributing dues and sponsorship funds
  • Coordinates the financial, calendar, and minutes reporting required of the Districts as part of a non-profit professional association
  • Acts as a liaison between APLD Districts and the APLD national organization
  • Manages the website and other operational matters, enabling local districts to focus their time and energy on delivering programs directly to district membership
  • Guides organizational development and structure to enable stable and sustainable delivery of member benefits
  • Manages a statewide sponsorship program, to support our operational, communications, and advocacy efforts
  • Advocates for APLD members at the state and local level to protect members’ right to practice their profession, establish and support high standards for landscape design in California
  • Promote positive relationships with state and local agencies, educational institutions, and allied non-profit organizations

How are the board members chosen?

The chapter, along with each district, typically convenes a nominating committee in order to nominate the board for the coming year. This is usually done in September or October, candidates are identified. The membership is then polled, either via email or at a regular meeting, to elect the board.

I would like to become a board member. What are the qualifications?

APLD in California is a reflection of the time, creativity, and talent of our volunteers. There are opportunities at every level of the organization to support our mission. If you have an interest in heading a committee or sitting on a board of directors at any level of our organization, check in with hour district or chapter president to learn more.

We encourage new members to join us at the board and committee level. Volunteer service offers you opportunities to benefit from the professional development opportunities available through board service, make new friends, and influence the direction of your professional association.