APLD Mission

The mission of APLD® is to provide a forum for the advancement of the profession of landscape design.

APLD Goals

The goals of APLD are to advance landscape design as an independent profession and to promote the recognition of landscape designers as highly qualified, dedicated professionals by:

  • Establishing standards of excellence in the delivery of landscape design services and encouraging landscape designers to achieve and maintain such standards of excellence through participation in continuing education and professional programs.
  • Promulgating and encouraging the Association’s standards of practice.
  • Keeping landscape designers abreast of the latest information and developments in the field and broadening the field’s scope of traditional landscape design to new and important areas such as management of the environment and the preservation of historically significant landscapes.
  • Providing a forum for landscape designers to share ideas and learn from the experience of others.
  • Educating the public about the profession.

APLD Standards of Practice

All APLD members agree to the following standards of practice:

  • Advance landscape design through continuing professional education and the exchange of knowledge with colleagues.
  • Utilize personal knowledge and skills for the greatest good of clients.
  • Be truthful in oral or written statements about the services we offer clients.
  • Encourage practices that protect the environment and discourage damage to our natural resources.
  • Be loyal to clients or employers and faithfully perform assigned tasks.
  • Avoid uninformed opinions on any issues relating to landscape design.
  • Avoid unfounded statements or criticism of colleagues for personal gain.
  • Encourage participation in public service activities to educate the public about good landscape design and sound horticultural practices.
  • Conduct all matters relating to landscape design activities, business operation, and civic responsibilities in a manner that promotes the status of landscape design as a respected profession.