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A form to be used by APLD CA District programs chairs for event promotion requests.
  • Your Contact Information

  • You will be the contact for approval of a test mailing, prior to the scheduling of your first mailing. You will coordinate with your district to obtain & submit final, approved copy & graphics.
  • Contact person phone number
  • Contact person email
  • What kind of promotion do you want?

  • Check any that apply.
  • Host / District Information

  • Please select one. For joint district events, or chapter-wide communications, select APLD California Chapter
  • We will contact you for more information about co-hosted and co-sponsored events.The event should be offered in partnership with an APLD district, or the APLD California Chapter, and an APLD chapter or district logo or listing should be included in the promotional materials for the event.

What happens after I submit a communication request?

When you hit the “submit” button,  you will receive a confirmation email, documenting your submittal. A similar notification goes out to our event communications team, and we get to work creating a communication on your district letterhead, updating the calendar on www.apldca.org, and confirming details. Within three business days, we send you a “test” mailing for approval. Once you have approved the email, it is send out as quickly as possible.

On Reminders- When are our emails too much of a good thing?

We want to be sure our members know about our events, but these emails are only one channel in a wide-open array of communication options. Our experience is that we get the attention of members when other members share events on social media, using an Eventbrite link.

The top complaint among marketing email recipients is about frequency, particularly if there is no added value or content to the reminder email. And, research shows that the highest rate of opens and clicks takes place right after the first and last emails you send pertaining to the event. 

What kind of message do you want to send?

Save the Date – One time send with no reminders. The next step is to bring value with new content and details.

Event Announcement/Invitation – Regular reminders, spaced a minimum of 10 days apart + a final reminder either two days prior to the close of ticket sales/RSVP deadline, or two days prior to the event, whichever is first. For larger events, with a longer lead time, we can do additional reminders, but also like to spice them up with some new copy, a video, article from a speaker, anything to tip the recipient into responding favorably. We will work with you to give those last event reminders a special touch to draw in the stragglers who intend to register, but have not yet done so.

Request for Volunteers – A link for volunteers to sign up for specific tasks or slots is a huge timesaver for program organizers. Signup Genius is a handy online tool used by some districts to link volunteers for outreach programming, including tabling, garden tours, etc.

Of all our open and click rates, volunteer support requests are popular, and can be personalized with the member’s name, city, or other data point. Once people sign on via your Signup Genius link, you can use Signup Genius to track and communicate. 

Other Communications –  Messages to members from your district president, reminders to renew, leadership updates

A bit more about reminders

For research and articles on the reasoning behind our reminder frequency policy, here are two articles to get you started toward becoming an event marketing maven.

The Surprising Data About Email Frequency

The Ideal Email Frequency