About APLD Certification

Ours is the only national certification program for landscape designers. It is not an educational curriculum, but rather evaluates candidates’ professional work. Candidates are required to submit documentation for three installed projects, consisting of design intent statements, drawings, plant lists, and before and after photographs. Submissions are judged according to published standards by Review Panels with regional representatives.

The APLD Certification Review Panels convene two times each year to review these applications for Certified Professional Membership. The current review schedule is February and September. Applications are due by the first of the month. Strict confidentiality is maintained.

To encourage our Certified members to continue their professional development, the review process also includes a recertification component. We require recertification every three years, with 30 contact hours of continuing education credit (CEUs). The Review Panel determines the appropriateness and CEU values for various programs in which our Certified members participate.