Greater Los Angeles District – APLD CA

Greetings from the APLD Greater Los Angeles District! We are an enthusiastic group of Los Angeles-based landscape designers and green industry businesses. Our goal is to inspire and connect with one another, stimulating our businesses through a program of meetings where we discuss design elements, business practices and sourcing.

Please check the Events calendar on this web site for upcoming programs, and join the APLD SoCal Yahoo Newsgroup to stay connected and informed.

2017 Greater Los Angeles District Board of Directors

2017 President

Kristan Browne
Immediate Past President Jacky Surber
Vice President Johanna Woollcott


Jane Davis

Secretary Jacquiline Scheidlinger
Sponsorship Chair Julie Molinare
Programs Chair Debbie Gliksman, APLD
Advocacy  Suzanne Baird
District Representative Kristan Browne